twitter logo 2The Park Slope Food Coop Labor Committee was founded in March of 2017, and aims to provide leadership and information on the labor issues that impact the coop’s food system.

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Join the Park Slope Food Coop Labor Action Committee.

Are you inspired by recent union organizing and victories at Starbucks and Amazon? Do you want to support struggles for social, economic and racial justice on behalf of all workers across the food chain?  

Park Slope Food Coop Labor Action Committee is guided by the belief that labor rights are human rights. We support established food worker organizations that organize food workers and document workers’ rights efforts. 

We have a total of seven work slots for credit. Join us!

We meet monthly at the Coop or virtually. Committee members are expected to attend committee meetings and to engage in member education, organizing, research, writing and social media posting on projects and campaigns.

Please be a Coop member for at least one year in good standing. We encourage members who reflect racial, ethnic, gender, LGBTQ+, disability and other forms of diversity of the Coop’s membership to apply.

To apply, please email describing your experience and interests as they connect to the Labor Committee’s mission and goals. A resume or CV is welcome but not required. 

Experience with labor and workplace issues and fluency in Spanish are useful but not required. Enthusiasm and interest are. Please include a telephone number.

If you have questions or want further information, please email, call or text 646-972-5654.

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Please complete this survey to let the labor committee know what your interests are so we can better plug into this workers movement moment!